Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress. Or is it Lady Dada?

September 14, 2010

Ok.  I just had to write something about this.  I’v’e never been a fan of Lady G. but suddenly I get it!  She is a twenty-first century Dadaist!  If you go to my blog entry about The Dadaists it will explain more but in short the Dadaists were a group of writers, thinkers and artists that shook everybody up in the early part of the twentieth century.  The following is a short excerpt from my former post.

“Dada was a social movement of the nineteen twenties ( 1916 to 1923 to be exact) that was a backlash against the industrial revolution and what was called at the time “modernism”. It was sort of like the more recent revolution of the nineteen sixties were everyone wanted to be as unacceptable as possible.

While the original Dadaists were mostly writers and thinkers the movement also produced some interesting and disturbing silent film artists that set out to make everyone as uncomfortable as possible. I still remember those films. My favorite was The Cabinet of Dr. Calagari. It was directed by Hans Janowitz and the screen play was by Robert Wiener. Together these two psychopaths invented a world that had no straight lines, no right angles and nothing was as it should be. The plot was horrific and the characters diabolical. It turned on its head everything that grounds us as humans, everything that is familiar and comfortable. Their motive was to start a discussion about how cozy and predictable we humans really are and how hard it is for us to adapt to anything different.”

So, Lady Gaga has succeeded wildly to do exactly what the Dadaists wanted!  We are disgusted, upset, outraged, fascinated all at once and Lady G. is taking it right to the bank!  And that’s the difference.  This a Dadaist marketing scheme.  Originally, the real Dadaists were not out to make money and very few of them did.  But they did make a point, one that has lasted through generations of Art History lectures because these ideas are important.  Part of the job of an artist is to go where no one has gone and to blaze new trails into creativity.  Does a dress made out of raw meat qualify?  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if lady G. makes into the Art History lecture hall!


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